No time for a healthy meal?

Smoothies are a busy person best friend, providing complete nutrition and multiple
health benefits.

How many of us struggle to find time to prepare a healthy meal or even consume any meal at all?
Unfortunately, with a huge workload, demanding lifestyle and multiple responsibilities it’s easy to
make our diet the last priority.

The consequences are poor performance, exhaustion and eventually, burnout.
A smoothie may be the perfect solution for you. It’s a simple nourishing meal that ticks all the right
boxes when it comes to nutrition and taste. Best of all, it requires very little preparation!

Here is a Healthy Flow Natural Wellness favourite, go-to Diet Rescue Smoothie recipe :

Morning Healthy Glow Smoothie

  • 1. Organic Hemp Powder (¼ cup) – energy for muscles, fuel for neurotransmitters,
    essential fatty acids for brain and cell function, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, and
    2. Organic coconut water (200 ml) – perfect electrolyte for athletes, high in sodium and
    calcium which hydrate the body and nourish adrenal glands.
    3. Organic partially ripen (yellow/green) banana – (x1 whole) – rich in alkalizing
    potassium and full prebiotic fibre that feeds our gut microbiome (healthy bacteria).
    4. Avocado (½ serve) – essential fatty acids, vitamins E & A for amazing skin and immune
    function, plus soluble fibre
    5. Organic frozen or fresh blueberries (½ cup) – packed with antioxidants that help repair
    our DNA, vitamin C, K, manganese and pectin which help to detoxify the body
    6. Raw cacao powder (1 teaspoon) – again packed with antioxidants, energy and mood
    booster, rich in magnesium and iron.
    7. Powdered greens mix (1 big tablespoon)– chlorella, spirulina, barley, wheatgrass. Help
    the body to safely remove environmental toxins, alkalize and delver additional nutrients –
    primarily magnesium and iron.
    8. Organic Australian pumpkin seeds (1 handful)– super high in zinc, boosts immune and
    hormonal health, neurotransmitter production. Antiparasitic.

Caloric Value: approximately 300 kcal

Preparation – 2 minutes: Mix all ingredients in Nutribullet or food blender until smooth

Important tips: Sip slowly, mixing every sip with saliva to aid digestion. In winter add ½ cup of hot
water to bring it to room temperature (our body loses energy when digesting cold food).

Be well

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