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Through Integrative Wisdom



Utilising wisdom of  Naturopathic Medicine , Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation and Cranial Work, Healthy Flow offers integrative and unique aproach to restoring your health.

Healthy Flow is a blend of natural and conventional medicine supported with contemporary scientific evidence.

Healthy Flow engages experience and intuition to highlight the most effective, evidence-based solutions for your wellbeing.

How I can help you

You are absolutely unique, and so is your health.

Every disease is a complex, multi-layered interaction stemming from imbalances in body, mind and spirit. Through a tailored evidence-based holistic approach we will encourage your body’s capacity to bring itself to a healthy balance.

Our work will start with investigating all the underlying factors causing imbalances, eliminating them and restoring body’s natural balance. Essentially removing the disease components layer by layer like an onion peel.

Your health requires your commitment. and I would be with you every step of the journey.



Identify all factors contributing to your issues



Remove all disease components layer by layer



Heal and restore to provide long lasting health benefits


Lymphatic Drainage

Weeks after my recent surgery I was referred by my GP to have Lymphatic Drainage Massage and found Dobrusia who was both knowledgeable and calming to reassure me that with this particular type of massage it’s possible to reduce swelling and get the lymphatic system working again.

I highly recommend Dobrusia for all your naturopathic needs and health service. I am feeling much better now and can’t believe the difference and health benefits from natural remedies and massage.

Dazzius Dazzius


Thorough, inquisitive and knowledgeable, Dobrusia has provided me with some healthy new perspectives, especially with regards to some particularly tricky health issues. I’ve been a long term advocate of natural therapies, and she’s helped me to trust even more in my own healing abilities. I’m grateful for her helping me overcome some debilitating endocrine conditions and digestive issues, and admire how she loves to take on a challenge.

– Kristin Lee


Dobrusia has given me hope, inspiration and my life back after debilitating unwellness. I highly recommend Dobrusia, her knowledge, skills and service are far reaching and empowering.

– Sue Parker


Dobrusia has gone above and beyond to help me understand what my body has been going through when all doctors and specialist have struggled to find an answer. Has Put a detailed plan in place for me with supplements and I am slowly improving. It’s worth the 45 min drive and she is always contactable for advice.

– Even Tam


Dobrusia is a life-saver with an impressive knowledge and a huge heart. She is genuinely passionate about helping others. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

– Gosia Jankowska


I had a great session with Dobrusia. Just by looking into my eyes for a few minutes she could tell what my imbalances were. She’s very knowledgeable, passionate and has a caring nature. I was also pleased that she suggested natural herbal supplements that really worked and were reasonably priced. She has many skills and I’d highly recommend her services 

– Belinda Corniola

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