Gut microbiome has been on many lips lately… It’s role in directly influencing our health including brain function is now widely recognised.

But what about oral microbiome the place where it all begins…

Oral health is such an important aspect of how we present ourselves in the world.

A pleasant breath and nice looking teeth are a great start to any conversation. It reflects a balanced oral microbiome and good health.

Let’s shine a light on oral health for a moment. The reality is this is where our health begins because without good dental hygiene we cannot expect good health to follow.

On a closer look we see that the oral cavity is very close to the brain and is directly connected to the lungs, gut and sinuses. The role of beneficial bacteria in oral microbiome is to protect these vital organs just like the gut microbiome protects organs in the abdominal cavity.

Sadly products like commercial fluoride toothpaste and charcoal/alcohol rinses which many people use daily actually kill beneficial oral microbiome.

Unfortunately with root canals , mercury and synthetic dental fillings comes a steady stream of toxins/bacteria released into the bloodstream.
Over time this sets up the ideal internal environment for inflammation and dis-ease in the body.

We all need to care for our oral health and take steps to address our oral microbiome.

Here are a few basic steps to start you off :

1. Use herbal toothpaste
2. Adopt sauerkraut juice mouth rinses
3 Begin coconut oil pulling (short term only)
4. Visit your dentist regularly

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