Over 70% of women with chronic pelvic pain are diagnosed with endometriosis.

Unfortunately, I was the one of them…

I couldn’t believe that such a prevalent condition (affecting 1 in 10 women!!) is so poorly understood and managed. The treatment relies on surgically removing endometrial lesions, which, in most cases, recurs within a few years.

There is hope for a better future for all endometriosis sufferers!

The newest research links endometriosis to the presence of a gram-negative pathogenic bacteria in the pelvic environment. It has been previously observed that endometriosis responds well to antibiotic treatment but, until now, it hasn’t been investigated further.

These insights into endometriosis pathogens opens a whole new avenue for its treatment.

Given the bacterial cause of this condition, application of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory herbs is highly effective. Indeed, from my personal and clinical experience, I have observed a great reduction of the symptoms with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial herbs and nutrients.

Don’t suffer in silence. Naturopathy has so much to offer here.


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