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Healthy Flow a range of holistic treatments including Naturopathy, Iridology, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Chi Nei Tsang.

Healthy Flow is a holistic health care practice, that offers Naturopathy, Iridology, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Chi Nei Tsang in Upwey and the surrounding suburbs.

As a qualified naturopath, scientist and body therapist, Dobrusia Szramowiak smoothly blends ancient wisdom a modern science providing effective solutions to optimize your wellbeing. She personally have experienced chronic illness myself and therefore understand its challenges and needs.

Everything you do can be done better from a place of good health.

How I can help you?

My own health journey taught me that every disease is a complex, multi-layered interaction stemming from imbalances in body, mind and spirit. Therefore, treating whole person rather than a single system is the only way to achieve long-lasting change.

My intention is to help you regain your good health and vitality- naturally.

My tailored, evidence-based, cost-effective approach involves investigating all underlying causative factors and imbalances, eliminating them and supporting your body’s capacity to bring itself to a healthy balance.

I offer range of holistic treatments that benefit your entire body:



Specialising in:

 ♦ Digestive Issues: IBS, food allergy/intolerances, reflux, constipation, SIBO, parasites

 ♦ Eating Disorders: bulimia ,anaorexia

 ♦ Depression/ Anxiety

 ♦ Chronic Illnesses: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia,

♦ Chronic Persistent infections: Lyme and Co-infections, Chlamydia, H. pylori, EBV

 ♦ Endocrine Dysregulations: Endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid issues, adrenal insufficiency

 ♦ Environmental Illnesses: Mould Illness (CIRS), Heavy Metals Toxicity, allergies

 ♦ Tension and pain relief

                    ♦ Lymphatic system disorders



A digital extensive analysis of your iris provides an accurate information about your entire body. Absolute pearl of wisdom in anyone’s journey!


Massage therapies

Massage has a profound effect on your wellbeing and provides short and long-term health benefits.

Unwind and feel yourself again with the ultimate experience. Massage services offered:

          • Relaxation/oil massage
          • Deep tissue
          • Myofascial cupping
          • Trigger points therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle treatment that encourages the sluggish lymph to move freely around the body using manual techniques. This greatly enhances detoxification and elimination of waste products, as well as reducing fluid retention and stagnation.

Chi Nei Tsang:

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist technique focusing on restoring energy flow and eliminating blockages through massage and gentle manipulation of internal organs, predominately in the abdominal cavity. CNT is particularly helpful for chronic gastrointestinal issues including constipation, food sensitivities, liver problems, inner tension, bloating and detoxification.


Lyme Disease

Intestinal microbiome

DNA damage


Healthy Flow Natural Wellness


Call Dobrusia Szramowiak on 0424 645 633 at Healthy Flow to discuss your needs or you can book an appointment:

Make health your biggest priority. Transform to a healthier you, today.